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“Love your art
Your piece that you hung last night is marvelous in the day, as well. Different. ul! ”

Charles and Michelle Seeger, Naples FL February 2017

“We are loving the piece we purchased from you at the Estero Art Fair recently! It dances and sparkles with the light and changes throughout the day as the light changes. Thank you for your contribution to making our home even more beautiful! ”

Judy Tobey, Bonita Springs FL January 2017

“Please find attached the photos of your beautiful artwork. Thank you again for the mesmerizing piece.  We love it..”

Sharon Bloodworth Partner & President, CFP®

“Michael: Your painting,Blue Copper, is most unique, innovative and contemporaneous as it assumes its rightful place of prominence in our modern collection of 20th century artist. Your depth of understanding of the human condition allows you to speak to your audiences at many different levels simultaneously. Your coloration is both bold and generous as it leads the viewers perceptions to new possibilities of their imagination. Waiting with heightened anticipation to add your newest offerings to our Michael Solomon collection of fine art. Walter Work,  Ann Arbor, Michigan.”

Walter Work,  Ann Arbor, Michigan

“We are so happy that we met Michael Solomon at the SARASOTA Art Show and commissioned him create a piece of art for our home . He is an amazing artist and our triptych “Ocean in Motion” is a breathtaking piece of art that is admired by all who visit our home.”

Sandy and Bonnie – Venice Fl March 2015